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General advice to achieve good performance

Before using the column make sure that:

  • Correct system has been selected in UNICORN System Control
  • Correct wavelength has been set for UV/UPC monitor
  • All tubing has been properly connected and tubing is not longer than needed
  • All connectors are free from leakage, verified by passing a leakage test
  • No tubing is folded or twisted
  • Online filter, if used, is changed on a regular basis
  • Correct buffers are used for the chosen columns and proteins
  • All inlet tubing has been immersed in correct buffer solutions
  • Enough buffer has been prepared
  • Buffers have been equilibrated to the environment temperature
  • Buffers/eluents have been degassed if necessary (e.g., in RPC runs)
  • Suitable columns have been selected for the target proteins
  • Column meets pressure requirements for selected medium
  • Columns have been cleaned and prepared according to column instructions
  • Samples have been clarified by centrifugation and/or filtration prior to sample loading
  • Samples have been adjusted to binding buffer conditions
  • Auto sampler (if used) has been prepared according to user manual
  • The fraction collector has been filled with appropriate number of microtiter plates or tubes
  • Appropriate arrangement for waste handling has been prepared