To isolate the column from the system use TC End Cap, 25 mm TC incl. gaskets 18-1001-25 and TC Clamp 25 mm.

For flow rates 3 l/h-175 l/h use Low Flow Kit 28-9301-82.

For flow rates 7.5 l/h-510 l/h use High Flow Kit 28-9301-83.

The ReadyToProcess 32 L (450/200) columns have an extra tube connected to the top outlet. This tube should be used to connect the column to the ÄKTA ready System.

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# Product Name Product Code Price
5 TC-Gasket 25 mm i.d. 15 mm 44549288 169.54 USD Add to cart
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6 TC clamp kit, 25 mm TC 28404336 245.00 USD Add to cart
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7 Blind Flange, including gasket, 25 mm 18100125 76.96 USD Add to cart
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