• Email notifications when a new CCN is published
  • Access to history of all previously published CCNs for a specific product
  • Possibility to download files in pdf format
  • Possibility to use a generic company email address (recommended)
  • Download CCN service flyer
  • Chromatography resins
  • ReadyToProcess product line
  • WAVE product line
  • Process-scale filters
  • Xcellerex product line
  • BioProcess hardware
  • UNICORN software
  • HyClone product line
  • Cell and gene therapy products
  • Biacore consumables, instruments, and software

Link to Standard for Cytiva Change Control Process for Designated Products

Changes for products that are handled according to our change control process are documented and can be tracked. We always perform a risk or impact analysis, as well as consider validation, when changes are made. The result of this analysis will determine if a CCN is published. Certain types of changes are always communicated via a CCN.

Some examples of changes that may be subject to a customer notification:

  • Change of manufacturing site
  • Change of raw material
  • Change of specification limit within/outside current limits
  • Change of label and/or packaging material
  • Change of critical subcontractor

This process applies to products covered by the Standard for Cytiva change control process for designated products.