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A new website feature that enables you to redeem an approved quote online, with the format Q-xxxxxx , from your local Cytiva associate and place your order via our standard online eCommerce checkout process.

Follow these steps, which are highlighted in the accompanying video

  1. Log in Log In - Cytiva (cytivalifesciences.com)
  2. Navigate to “My Account” section
  3. Select “quote fulfilment”
  4. Enter your quote reference, using Q-xxxxxx format
  5. Check your quote details
  6. Redeem your quote online
  7. Checkout with your purchase order number or credit card

No.  Currently, only your quotes with the format Q-xxxxxx, can be redeemed in this way.

Quotes containing products from the HyClone Cell Culture portfolio can only be redeemed using a standard checkout process.

Confirm your quote is still valid and an order has not already been placed against it.  Contact your local Cytiva associate for further support

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