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January 29, 2019

GE Healthcare adds ELISA kit to end-to-end HCP monitoring capabilities

By GE Healthcare

Introducing Amersham HCPQuant CHO, a generic ELISA kit for detecting host cell protein impurities

GE Healthcare Life Sciences is pleased to announce the new Amersham HCPQuant CHO kit, a generic ELISA kit for detecting host cell protein impurities in drug samples produced in CHO cell lines. This kit complements GE Healthcare’s 2D DIBE technology, Amersham Typhoon scanner and Melanie 9 Coverage software kit to provide an efficient end-to-end solution for accurately monitoring host cell protein (HCP) in drug samples. GE Healthcare provides a full line of products and technical support to help biopharma labs with their HCP workflow.

HCP ELISA is the gold standard of HCP detection and measurement, and is recommended by the US and EU Pharmacopeia. Amersham HCPQuant CHO, designed by Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc. to detect a wide range of CHO host cell protein impurities, raises the bar for HCP ELISA assay kits. The combination of high coverage (89%) with a broad linear range (2–200 ng/ml) increases the confidence of HCP quantification in both the low and high molecular weight ranges, which is critical to managing the risk of the immunogenicity effect arising from HCP in process-derived samples.

According to Anne Sophie Bres, Global Product Manager, Imaging, GE Healthcare, “The HCPQuant CHO ELISA kit will help our customers protect patient safety, meet regulatory requirements and deliver monoclonal antibody (maB) and recombinant protein products efficiently and cost-effectively.”