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October 25, 2018

If you like HiTrap MabSelect SuRe, you will like HiTrap MabSelect PrismA even more

By GE Healthcare Life Sciences

MabSelect PrismA is a next-generation protein A affinity chromatography resin with outstanding alkaline stability and capacity, pushing the boundaries of performance to a new level in antibody purification.

Get better performance with new HiTrap MabSelect PrismA1

Better cleanability

May be cleaned with up to 1.0 M NaOH for minimized contamination between runs and for more runs while maintaining performance

Improved dynamic binding capacity

Enables exceptionally high antibody recovery

Comparable recommended list prices

HiTrap MabSelect PrismA columns have similar prices compared with HiTrap MabSelect SuRe and are available from GE and GE authorized distributors

Prepacked 1 and 5 mL HiTrap columns can be used with either a syringe, chromatography pump, or chromatography system in your lab research.

MabSelect PrismA resin is also prepacked in 4.7 mL HiScreen columns, ideal for optimization of methods and parameters in process development.

1compared with HiTrap MabSelect SuRe


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