Amersham Typhoon biomolecular imagers are the next generation of Typhoon FLA scanners. These new laser scanners are designed for versatile imaging and precise quantitation of fluorescent, colorimetric, and radiolabeled proteins and nucleic acids. Amersham Typhoon systems are modular, so you can choose the functionalities best suited for your users and upgrade easily as those needs evolve.

Read a sample of five publications from your peers to get an overview of how this technology has performed and advanced research.

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29187191 Amersham Typhoon 5 Biomolecular Imager Amersham Typhoon 5 On Request Get Quote
29187193 Amersham Typhoon RGB Biomolecular Imager Amersham Typhoon RGB On Request Get Quote
29187194 Amersham Typhoon IP Biomolecular Imager Amersham Typhoon IP On Request Get Quote

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