Biacore™ X100 is an easy-to-use interaction analysis system that produces reliable affinity, kinetics, and active concentration data. Key analysis tools boost your understanding of protein function and biological mechanisms.

  • Start quickly with workflow-oriented software and built-in guidance.
  • Steady state analysis, Biacore Multi-Cycle (MCK)™ or Biacore Single-Cycle Kinetics (SCK)™ for high-quality affinity and kinetics data.
  • Confident concentration analysis – without the need for a protein standard.

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Dedicated consumables help you reach your goals - Biacore T200
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Product Product Name Price
28956516 Biacore™ X100 Plus Package 2.0 Upgrade Kit 1 6,151.00 USD Add to cart


BR100800 Biacore™ X100 System Operation Kit sw v.2.0 1 6,151.00 USD Add to cart


BR100798 Biacore™ X100 Plus Package 1 13,100.00 USD Add to cart


BR110073 Biacore™ X100 On Request

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