Generic workflow for cell processing, 1 line in gray with isolation, gene transfer, harvest and formulation steps highlighted in blue.

Automate multiple steps of your cell processing workflow with Sepax C-Pro system. Address individual operations and bring your cell therapy from process development to commercialization.

Generic Sepax C-Pro + software + kit illustration

Upstream – select and prepare cells

Concentrate, purify, isolate, and transduce the cells you need by choosing a protocol and kit combination to associate to your Sepax C-Pro Instrument. Then, customize available protocol parameters to fit your needs.

Protocol software Kit Application
PeriCell C-Pro CT-49.1 Concentrate cells from fresh apheresis product via plasma depletion
PlateletFree C-Pro CT-60.1 Concentrate cells and remove platelets from fresh apheresis units
BeadWash C-Pro CT-60.1 or CT-90.1 Incubate magnetic beads onto cell fractions obtained from apheresis units - sequence concentration, platelet depletion, incubation, and washing
NeatCell C-Pro CT-90.1 Enrich mononuclear cell fraction via a density gradient medium
SpinOculation C-Pro CT-60.1 Concentrate, wash, and transduce isolated cells by spinoculation

Downstream – recover and resuspend cells

Harvest, wash, resuspend, and split your cells by selecting the appropriate protocol software and single-use kit to associate to your Sepax C-Pro Instrument. Tailor the protocol software to match your final requirements for the cellular product.

Protocol software Kit Application
CultureWash C-Pro CT-60.1 or CT-90.1 Dilute, concentrate, and wash fresh or frozen cellular products
Dilution C-Pro CT-49.1 or CT-60.1 or CT-90.1 Dilute and split cellular products into multiple bags for accurate dosing