OptiRun bioprocess service engineer working with cell-culture and Xcellerex bioreactor

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OptiRun bioprocess service engineer working with cell-culture and Xcellerex bioreactor

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What does it mean to optimize your technology? Your equipment should deliver peak performance at all times. Our highly trained field engineers and service experts provide robust strategies for ensuring the continuous performance and reliability of your Cytiva assets throughout their lifecycle.

Your Cytiva equipment must be optimized and in sync with your other assets, processes, and people. OptiRun’s data-driven advisory services help you implement an integrated strategy that optimizes your entire bioprocess workflow.

What does it mean to optimize your people's performance? We’ve restructured how we deliver our service and application expertise to make it seamlessly accessible whenever it’s needed. Our training offerings ensure that your teams always have the expertise to use and maintain our technology optimally.

Cytiva’s OptiRun service solutions offer a range of comprehensive qualification services to meet your needs.

Networking your UNICORN™ software provides great benefits. Learn more.

Extend the life of your equipment, prevent issues, maximize productivity, and ensure optimal performance. Preventive maintenance visits save you time and reduce costs.

We offer standard and custom qualification services for your Cytiva equipment throughout its lifecycle, including IQ/OQ, RQ, and continuous verification.

Hardware and software upgrades keep your Cytiva equipment state-of-the-art.

Get help with all Cytiva system issues.

We can repair certain types of equipment at our facilities. Find out if our mail-in repair service is right for your needs.

Instrument calibration at customer’s site or at a Cytiva facility, ensuring testing accuracy. Traceability, documentation, and certification is maintained.

OptiRun service solutions are designed to maximize the total productivity of your assets—your people, your processes, and your technology. OptiRun contracts prepare you for the future.

Manage your equipment online through My Equipment, which keeps track of your instrument service contracts, service records, and your Cytiva installed base. Learn more.

Our online service that notifies you about changes that could impact your product or process. You can subscribe to change control notifications for free by visiting our Regulatory Support page.

Our Data-driven consultants can determine which spare parts to keep on-site to streamline your operations in the event of an issue.

Moving facilities? We can help with planning, logistics, and completion of applicable regulatory documentation. Learn more about our relocation services and schedule your move.

Accelerate your service with OptiRun™ Connect, Cytiva’s IoT solution. Learn how.

Our experienced remote engineers are ready to diagnose and resolve your equipment issues. Learn more.

Load cell accuracy is prone to deterioration due to continuous usage and might provide inaccurate measurement and less reliable data in the long term. If your weight indication does not settle to zero after unloading the system or there is no change in the weight value once weights are added to the system, load cells should be re-calibrated. Service is available in Europe and Japan.

A Cytiva service expert can manage all your Cytiva maintenance needs on site, including training new hires and helping your teams adapt to new technology faster.

Grow your skills with our eLearning courses and training services for research, process development scientists, engineers, and more.

A Cytiva service expert can explain how to care for and troubleshoot your Cytiva instruments. This helps labs run on schedule and on budget.

Your operators can practice routine procedures in a virtual environment as often as they need using our VR training. Learn more.

OptiRun’s SiteCare service plan incorporates training and support for in-house bioprocess production teams. Use this plan to help optimize the performance and profitability of your plant.

Your sustainable solution for older equipment. Our program lets you donate your used equipment to institutions around the globe.

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