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What does it mean to optimize your technology? Your equipment should deliver peak performance at all times. Our highly trained field engineers and service experts provide robust strategies for ensuring the continuous performance and reliability of your Cytiva assets throughout their lifecycle.

Your Cytiva equipment is installed by certified OptiRun service engineers, who provide IQ/OQ documentation, familiarization training, and basic maintenance training.

We provide expert support for installing your equipment in a network configuration, addressing your needs for remote monitoring and data sharing among users.

We perform all necessary maintenance and verification to ensure that your instruments are in peak condition, following standards designed to keep them at factory specifications.

We offer standard and custom qualification services for your Cytiva equipment throughout its lifecycle, including IQ/OQ, RQ, and continuous verification. Read more

Our Asset Performance Management (APM) technology provides real-time process monitoring and asset utilization.

For selected Cytiva instruments, we offer the convenience of mail-in depot repair services to our ISO-certified service repair centers in the U.S. and Sweden.

Our new hardware and software upgrades mean your Cytiva equipment will always be state-of-the-art technology.

Our end-of-life refurbishment options now include a path for donating your aging Cytiva lab-scale equipment to institutions around the globe.

Available with new equipment purchase. Upgraded protection for 24, 36, or 60 months. Read more

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Your Cytiva equipment must be optimized and in sync with your other assets, processes, and people. OptiRun’s data-driven advisory services help you implement an integrated strategy that optimizes your entire bioprocess workflow.

We can address all your automation needs at both the individual equipment and integrated levels, from troubleshooting to lifecycle management of automation hardware and software.

Our change control notification (CCN) services keep you up to date with Cytiva product changes, simplifying your compliance process.

Our data-driven parts consultancy lets you determine the right spares to keep proactively on site, minimizing the effect of unexpected equipment failure.

Our relocation support is comprehensive, including planning, logistics, and completion of all regulatory documentation.

We are developing new eCommerce and web capabilities that will allow you to order services and request support online.

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What does it mean to optimize your people's performance? We’ve restructured how we deliver our service and application expertise to make it seamlessly accessible whenever it’s needed. Our training offerings ensure that your teams always have the expertise to use and maintain our technology optimally.

Our new 24x7 call-in center provides access to support at all times whatever the size of your organization.

We’ve introduced new options for emergency on-site visits, standard or 24x7 depending on your needs.

Now a resident OptiRun service expert can manage all your Cytiva maintenance needs on site, including training new hires and helping your teams adapt to new technology faster.

Our in-depth application training programs help your staff become optimal end users of your Cytiva equipment, maximizing its quality and performance.

We’ve introduced new service training programs to help your maintenance staff minimize downtime and protect the long-term integrity of your Cytiva assets.

We now provide dedicated training and support for bioprocess in-house teams, designed to optimize the performance and profitability of your plant.

LifeCycle management

Whether your Cytiva asset is a single-unit operation or a large-scale enterprise solution,
OptiRun service solutions are with you every step of the lifecycle from design to decommissioning.

We'll even help you donate your aging instruments so they can continue to serve the cause of science.

A new model of service
A new model of service
In over 30 countries
In over 30 countries
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Service experts
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