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What are chromatography systems?

These systems are purification units that allow the isolation of specific compounds from a complex mixture. Separation occurs based on interactions of the sample with the stationary phase. Chromatography systems are available as single-use or multi-use models to suit various separation needs.

Though they have similar functions in the fields of life science, chromatography systems may vary widely in their standard equipment. Liquid chromatography systems often consist of a column prepacked with a resin or packed with bulk resin by the user, a pump, injector, detectors to monitor sample quality, and a fraction collector. Pump action moves the mobile phase into the system. The mobile phase then travels to the column for separation. UV, pH, pressure, conductivity, and temperature sensors monitor the mobile phase before and/or after separation.

Chromatography tubing connects varying components of the system. After the completion of an assay, you can remove tubing for cleaning or replacement. Chromatography tubing comes in different materials and sizes for chemical compatibility. Chromatography fittings connect the tubing to other components in the system.

Chromatography fittings and accessories

Because of the need to transport the mobile phase during the entire process, chromatography systems require a vast pool of adapters, fittings, and other accessories to connect the system components. When selecting system components, be sure to ascertain their compatibility with chemicals you intend to use.

Since they wear down with regular use, components such as ferrules and chromatography fittings like tubing connectors and valves may need periodic replacement.

Chromatography fittings FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about chromatography fittings.

What are chromatography fittings?

Fittings connect columns, tubing, and other components in chromatography systems. We offer fittings in varying types of materials, such as PEEK, PTFE, polypropylene, and stainless steel. PEEK is highly resistant and stable against acids and bases and can be used with a wide range of solvents.

The material, size, and type of chromatography fittings you need depends on your system and application. Check the Instructions for Use for your system or our Purify web app for guidance in selecting components.

What are chromatography connectors?

Chromatography connectors link components of chromatography systems. We offer various chromatography fittings and connectors, including:

  • Fingertight connectors
  • Barbed connectors
  • Flangeless fittings
  • Nuts
  • Tees
  • End caps
  • Reducers
  • Plugs

How are chromatography connectors used?

Chromatography connectors come in a diverse range of sizes and materials. Use connectors to join components of a chromatography system with ease.