mAb process intensification: Wei Gong, Henlius Biotech

Wei Gong, Director at Henlius Biotech, Shanghai shares key insights on implementing continuous bioprocessing in mAb manufacturing. She works with process development for downstream processes. In this video, you will get her views on the main opportunities and challenges for the industry.

Friday, March 27, 2020 | 00:03:29

mAb process intensification: Wei Gong, Henlius Biotech 00:03:29
Scaling up viral vector manufacturing: Carol Knevelman, Oxford BioMedica 00:03:34
Smarter and smaller biomanufacturing: Günter Jagschies 00:04:18
Emerging technologies in biomanufacturing: Lorenz Mayr 00:03:35
Cell and gene therapy manufacturing: Catarina Flyborg 00:04:00
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Visions for the digitalization of biomanufacturing: Ben Newton 00:02:58
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