Cell Culture Media Analytical Services

Part Number Description Volume required (mL)
CT30001.01 Amino Acid Analysis Panel, 20 amino acids 1 mL
CT30002.01 Trace Elements Panel, 27 trace elements, metals and major ions 1 mL
CT30003.01 Lipid Panel, 6 lipids 5 mL
CT30004.01 Basic Metabolites, 8 metabolites 2 mL
CT30005.01 Total Protein Panel 2 mL
CT30006.01 Vitamin Panel, 8 B vitamins 2 mL
CT30007.01 pH
CT30008.01 Osmolality A single 10 mL sample can be used for all three tests
CT30009.01 Conductivity
CT30010.01 Charge Variant assay 100 μg, purified sample
CT30011.01 Protein Aggregates assay 100 μg, purified sample
CT30012.01 FTNIR Fingerprinting assay 10 g powder or 25 mL liquid recommended
CT30013.01 Sterility testing 100 mL
CT30014.01 Bioburden testing 100 mL
CT30015.01 Endotoxin testing 1 mL
CT30016.01 Endotoxin Suitability 1 mL
CT30017.01 Nucleoside assay 2 mL
CT30018.01 Mab Average Mass assay 100 μg, purified sample
CT30019.01 Glycan analysis 100 μg, purified sample