Biacore T200
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Protein Research icon

Protein interaction analysis

Characterization of protein-protein interaction is crucial in understanding fundamental biological processes. With our Fast Trak™ service, we can measure:

• Affinity
• Kinetics
• Specificity
• Epitope binning
• Concentration

Drug Discovery icon

Small molecule drug discovery

From fragment-based drug discovery to HTS triage and lead optimization, Fast Trak™ supports a range of SPR applications in small molecule analysis including:

• Binding level (yes/no) screens
• Affinity screens
• Kinetic screens
• Kinetic characterization
• Competition assays

mAb Antibody icon

Biotherapeutic drug discovery

Fast Trak™ supports a wide range of SPR applications in biotherapeutic drug discovery, including:

• Binding level (yes/no) screens
• Kinetic screens
• Kinetic characterization
• Epitope binning
• ELISA assay conversion

Process Development icon

Bioanalytics in drug development

Does your process impact your product’s critical quality attributes? We offer early-phase testing assays for:

• Fc receptor analysis
• Potency assays
• Formulation
• Stability analysis
• Concentration

Bill Brondyk of Invetx

Robust design and data analysis are critical to obtaining reliable and reproducible label-free assay data.

Learn more about the essentials of Biacore™ assay development with these interactive online tools: