A 27,000 square-foot (2500 m2) bioprocess pilot-scale facility opened in August 2018 in Uppsala, Sweden. Serving as a hub for innovation in biomanufacturing, the facility includes four start-to-finish bioprocessing laboratories where researchers can test and evaluate their technical and biological discoveries while keeping the full ownership of their results and intellectual property.

Cytiva is continuing to invest in the fast-moving world of science by helping create a bridge between the research and industrial production of biopharmaceuticals. The Testa Center, is partially funded by the Swedish government through its innovation agency, Vinnova. It provides Swedish and international industry, start-ups and academia with an authentic environment to test and verify innovative tools and technologies for the industrial manufacture of biopharmaceuticals.

Researchers will have access to:

  • High-quality technology: four industrial research laboratories (non-GMP) in test-scale mainly based on single-use technologies
  • Bioprocess expertise: dedicated Cytiva personnel available for support
  • Cost effective research: Develop, test, verify, and create the production parameters before investing in your own equipment
  • Facility for advanced education within production of biological products : open for all universities and institutions
  • Authentic environment for process and digitalization technology
  • Alignment with the Swedish innovation system: simple way to commercialization
  • Complete control over intellectual property (IP) and data: Cytiva does not own any rights related to researchers’ processes or innovation

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The Testa Center opens in Uppsala as a groundbreaking collaboration between the government and Cytiva to improve the future of biological medicines.

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