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Diagnostic assays: blood separation challenges (and how to solve them!)
August 22, 2020

Many healthcare professionals use whole blood tests to check for the presence of biomarkers quickly and simply. Efficiently separating plasma from blood cells can improve the sensitivity and reliability of your diagnostic tests, which is key in developing a reliable assay.

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Immunoassay development services
February 16, 2021

Converting an idea or lab-based test to a lateral flow assay is a long process with technical and financial challenges. Find out how our immunoassay development services can accelerate your assay development and success, from concept to prototype.

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How-to-guide: Multiplexing your lateral flow assay
April 30, 2019

There are numerous reasons why combining detection of multiple targets within a single assay is desirable. This guide outlines some of the important factors to consider when developing a multiplex LFA, whether from scratch or building on previously developed singleplex assays.

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Considerations for lateral flow membrane selection
January 11, 2022

When selecting materials for immunoassay development, membrane properties and reagent properties must be considered together, as their interactions determine the outcome of test development. When selecting a membrane, you must consider how the various materials and properties will interact with your reagents and sample to meet your test goals for sensitivity, specificity and test duration.

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