Explore the range of Whatman™ filtration discs and capsules from Cytiva, choose the product relevant to your application depending on your sample or solution type

Mobile Phase Aqueous Solvent Venting/inline gas filtration Vacuum protection Groundwater
Inline filter devices for degassing aqueous or solvent solutions used as the carrier phase in analytical equipment Filtration of water-based solutions like buffers, growth media, and reagents Filtration of solutions such as alcohols, organic solvents, cleaning solvents, oils and polymers Equipment protection, exhaust filtration, and venting of culture vessels, incubators, lyophilizers, hoods and pumps Vacuum protection from particulate and/or water-intrusion in applications involving aspiration, vacuum filtration, pumps and house vacuum Filtration of particulate in surface and deep-well water samples prior to total dissolved metals analysis
Whatman Aqueous IFD
Whatman Solvent IFD
Whatman Polydisc AS
Whatman Polydisc SPF
Whatman Polycap SPF
Whatman Polycap TC
Whatman Polycap AS
Whatman Polydisc HD
Whatman Polycap HD
Whatman Polydisc HD
Whatman Polycap HD
Whatman Polydisc TF
WhatmanPolycap TF
Whatman ReZist 50 mm
Whatman PolyVENT
Whatman Carbon Cap
Whatman HEPA-Cap
Whatman VACU-GUARD 50/60mm
Whatman VACU-GUARD 150 with carbon
Whatman VACU-GUARD 150 with dessicant
Whatman Polydisc GW
Whatman Polycap GW
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