Systems from Cytiva have a reputation for quality and reliability. Cytiva now makes it possible to acquire these high-quality systems at a lower cost through the GoldSeal refurbished instrument program.

  • Recover and characterize interaction partners using MALDI-MS interface.
  • Elucidate disease mechanisms by characterizing native or recombinant protein interactions.
  • Define potential drug targets or diagnostic markers.

Biacore 3000 processing unit is an established, label-free system for detailed studies of biomolecular interactions. The system delivers comprehensive characterization of the interaction, answers questions about the rate constants, affinity, specificity, and determines the active concentration of components. The unique ability to recover and transfer interaction partners directly to MALDI targets for identification and further characterization makes the system highly applicable to fast identification of unknown interactants.

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28961825 Biacore 3000 GoldSeal 1 Discontinued

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