ÄKTA flux is a semi-automated tangential flow filtration/cross flow filtration system for concentration and diafiltration as well as cell harvest and clarification.

  • Low working and hold-up volumes to support a wide range of concentration factors.
  • Flexible handling of both hollow fiber filter cartridges and cassette filters.
  • Versatile design enables use in both ultrafiltration and microfiltration applications.
  • Available in two versions: ÄKTA flux s for research and filter screenings, and ÄKTA flux 6 for process development and scale-up experiments.
  • For automated single-use filtration, Cytiva offers ÄKTA readyflux.

Filtration made easy

Semi-automated features enable end-point control, such as constant retentate volume (CRV), and data logging, and frees time for other tasks in the lab. Process information and control are conveniently monitored and handled from the easy-to-use touchscreen.

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29038437 ÄKTA flux s ÄKTA flux s On Request
29038438 ÄKTA flux 6 ÄKTA flux 6 On Request

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