ÄKTAcrossflow has been discontinued. Service of ÄKTAcrossflow is available until 31 May 2026. After this date, we offer service upon availability of parts from our suppliers. ÄKTAcrossflow will be available through the refurbished instrument program GoldSeal for an extended period. The service period is not extended for the GoldSeal systems.

ÄKTAcrossflow is a fully automated tangential flow filtration system for process development and is suitable for filter screening and process optimization at small-scale as well as small-scale processing.

  • Broad range of applications that cover ultrafiltration and microfiltration.
  • Flexible operation of either hollow fiber filter cartridges or cross flow cassettes.
  • Thorough and efficient process development with full TMP and flux scouting.
  • Single, familiar UNICORN interface for both chromatography and tangential flow filtration.
  • Minimum working volume of 25 mL ensures operation of filters between 40 cm² and 150 cm².
  • Suitable for small-scale processing where limited material is available.


UNICORN control software has the benefits of one common control platform and user interface for all scales of operation in filtration and chromatography. The scouting feature gives automatic support to process development and optimization. Method wizards and pre-programmed methods provide a high degree of efficiency development work. UNICORN is suitable for use in a regulated environment in a manner complying with FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

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