BioProcess IC System is a buffer management system that allows on demand production of buffers from single-component, highly concentrated stock solutions of salt, acid, and base, diluted with water using inline conditioning (IC) technology. Accuracy is ensured through dynamic control using different modes of feedback control.

  • Automatic production of buffers from concentrated single-component stock solutions saving time, resources and buffer volumes.
  • Dedicated pump lines for acid, base and salt with several inlet ports to enable formulation of different buffer families in one production run.
  • Automatic switch between buffers without need for manual intervention to allow for consecutive buffer production. During switching, buffer out of specification is automatically directed to waste.
  • For accurate formulation, feedback control of the final buffer is performed inline using either recipe and flow, pH and flow, or pH and conductivity.
  • Can either be integrated with the chromatography column replacing the chromatography system, or used as an independent buffer producing unit in the technical area.
  • Both inline dilution and inline conditioning capabilities.
  • Operated using UNICORN control software or integrate into Delta V automation platform.

As an extension of the concept of inline dilution (ILD), inline conditioning (IC) is a buffer management strategy that allows for inline buffer production from single-component, highly concentrated stock solutions. From a limited number of stock solutions, a wide array of buffers can be prepared. The BioProcess IC system mixes the required amounts of each component according to a buffer recipe specification, enabling an exact amount of buffer to be produced when needed. Depending on parameters, different modes of feedback control can be used through the inherent dynamic control function.

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