ÄKTA ready™ 450, ÄKTA ready™ and ÄKTA ready™ XL flow kits are available for isocratic and gradient elution supporting a wide range of flow rates

  • Improved economy and productivity due to simpler procedures, reducing downtime between products/batches.
  • Accompanied by extensive product documentation.
  • Simple exchange of the complete flow path eliminates the need for system cleaning, including method development and validation.
  • Risk for cross-contamination between products/batches is minimized.
  • Flow kits can be modified on request, for example choosing ReadyMate™ or AseptiQuick™ disposable aseptic connectors instead of Tri‑Clamp™ connectors.

ÄKTA ready™ 450 Flow Kit

ÄKTA ready™ 450 is designed for small-scale purification. The Flow Kit are delivered in one piece and can manage flow rates from 5 to 450 mL/min. The installation takes as little as 10 minutes, and the integrated sensors do not require calibration. An installation test confirms that the system has been set up correctly. A fully closed Flow Kit option is also available. The system can be used with a column volume up to 2.5 L, but the system has also a column holder for smaller columns.

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Product Product Name Price
29631244 Flow kit Gradient TC, AKTA ready 450 1 On Request
28930183 High Flow Kit for ÄKTA ready On Request
28930182 Low Flow Kit for ÄKTA ready On Request
29631247 Flow kit Isocratic AQ, AKTA ready 450 1 On Request
29631245 Flow kit Isocratic TC, AKTA ready 450 1 On Request
29631246 Flow kit Gradient AQ, AKTA ready 450 1 On Request
29482435 AKTA ready XL Flow Kit, 3/4-IN On Request

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