Enzymatic PCR clean up technology with Exonuclease I and Alkaline Phosphatase combined in one tube to remove unincorporated primers and dNTPs. For maximum convenience comes in a single tube.

  • One tube with one mix of enzymes delivering PCR and sequence reaction clean-up
  • Just one pipetting step to set up your reaction
  • Fast 30-minute, hands-free protocol
  • 100% recovery of PCR product
  • Scalable for different reaction sizes
  • Automation friendly

ExoProStar is our new name for this PCR clean-up technology. No change in the formulation, so you get the same great product, and same great benefits!

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Product Product Name Price
US77720 ExoProStar 1-Step 2000 reactions 1,309.00 USD Add to cart


US77750 ExoProStar 1-Step 5000 reactions 2,934.00 USD Add to cart


US77705 ExoProStar 1-Step 500 reactions 355.00 USD Add to cart


US77701 ExoProStar 1-Step 20 reactions 38.21 USD Add to cart


US77702 ExoProStar 1-Step 100 reactions 88.78 USD Add to cart


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