ӒKTA pure™ chromatography system - offering a new option to meet your purification needs

ӒKTA pure™ chromatography system allows for quick and easy customization due to its modular design. Choose ÄKTA pure™ 25 with a flow rate of up to 25 mL/min or ÄKTA pure™ 150 with a flow rate of up to 150 mL/min. We offer more than 20 hardware options for your custom system, including a new UV monitor.

ÄKTA pure
Control gradients and elution conditions with pH and conductivity monitors.
Connect up to 10 columns, with automatic switching among them.
Detect biomolecules with triple wavelength UV detection.
Use tubes or plates for flexible, high-capacity collection.
Select multiple buffers using 14 inlets with integrated air sensors.
Introducing ӒKTA pure™ T the first dual wavelength
Scientist in lab
ÄKTA pure 25 M with micro kit and scientist in the lab
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Product Product Name Price
29707638 ӒKTA pure™ 150 T ӒKTA pure 150 T On Request
29707636 ӒKTA pure™ 25 T ӒKTA pure 25 T On Request
29018224 ÄKTA pure™ 25 L ÄKTA pure 25 L On Request
29018226 ÄKTA pure™ 25 M ÄKTA pure 25 M On Request
29046694 ÄKTA pure™ 150 M ÄKTA pure 150 M On Request
29046665 ÄKTA pure™ 150 L ÄKTA pure 150 L On Request
29302479 ÄKTA pure™ micro ÄKTA pure micro On Request
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