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What is liquid chromatography?

Liquid chromatography allows the isolation of target molecules from mixtures for preparative purposes, such as biopharmaceutical manufacturing, and for analytical purposes. It involves a mobile phase, which contains the molecule of interest, and a stationary phase such as a chromatography resin, prepacked column, or fiber unit, which is used to capture or purify target molecules or analytes as the mobile phase passes through.

What are the types of liquid chromatography?

Common chromatography techniques include:

What is mixed mode chromatography?

Mixed mode or multimodal chromatography (MMC) is a chromatographic separation technique that uses more than one type of interaction between analytes and the stationary phase. It is often used when the selectivity of traditional resin is insufficient to provide the required purity of the target protein, when salt tolerance is required, or when there is a need to reduce the number of purification steps in a process.

MMC involves more than one type of interaction, such as size exclusion, ionic, or hydrophobic. It can be done in bind/elute mode, in which the target molecule binds the resin, or in flowthrough mode, in which impurities bind the resin and the target molecule is collected in the flowthrough.

Mixed mode chromatography FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about MMC.

What is a mixed mode column?

Mixed mode chromatography columns are packed with resins for MMC. They can be used for chromatography in bind/elute mode or in flowthrough mode.

What is MMC used for?

Mixed mode chromatography and MMC columns or resins facilitate the purification of target molecules that are difficult to isolate using conventional purification systems. Applications of MMC include direct processing of clarified feedstocks and intermediate purifications. MMC also supports use in polishing applications like monoclonal antibody (mAb) aggregate removal and purification.

What are mixed mode resins?

Mixed mode resins are chromatography resins that purify target molecules through more than one type of interaction.

How can I choose a mixed mode chromatography resin or column for my application?

Visit our Purify app to find a suitable MMC resin or column.