Designed for vaccine manufacturing using suspension cell culture with avian cell line.

  • Chemically defined (CD) animal-derived component-free (ADCF) formulation
  • Designed to support high peak cell density as well as enhanced viral infectivity and productivity
  • Economical, operation-reducing single formulation for cell propagation and viral production
  • Designed for small- to large-scale culture applications
  • Available in liquid and powder formulations

HyClone CDM4Avian cell culture medium is developed for manufacturing of viral vaccines in avian cell lines, such as EB66 cells, and for the production of lytic viruses, such as measles, influenza, and Japanese encephalitis (JE); and of non-lytic viruses, such as the modified vaccinia Ankara (MVA) virus.

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Product Product Name Price
SH31036.01 CDM4Avian liquid SH31036.01 500 mL 62.25 USD Add to cart


SH31035.02 CDM4Avian powder SH31035.02 10 L 501.00 USD Add to cart


SH31036.05 CDM4Avian liquid SH31036.05 20 L On Request
SH31036.02 CDM4Avian liquid SH31036.02 1 L 103.03 USD Add to cart


SH31035.01 CDM4Avian powder SH31035.01 5 L 278.00 USD Add to cart


SH31036.04 CDM4Avian liquid SH31036.04 10 L On Request
SH31036.03 CDM4Avian liquid SH31036.03 1 L On Request
SH31035.03 CDM4Avian powder SH31035.03 50 L 2 282.00 USD Add to cart


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