The Sepax C-Pro Cell Processing System, which is comprised of the instrument, Sepax C-Pro protocol software, and kits, allows you to combine multiple processing steps in a versatile manner. These steps include but are not limited to enrichment, magnetic bead incubation, spinoculation, concentration, washing, dilution, and splitting.

  • Support your requirements and system implementation. Automated and functionally closed system to support GMP compliance.
  • Simplify your operations. Compact design and user-friendly interface minimize your space and resource requirements.
  • Maintain flexibility. Sepax C-Pro is a multipurpose solution allowing you to perform diverse and dedicated applications.
  • Simplify record-keeping. Sepax C-Pro can transmit instrument data and alarms for remote monitoring or for incorporation into a Chronicle eSOP.
  • Keep operations running smoothly. Integrate with Chronicle manufacturing automation software to monitor all connected instruments (Sepax C Pro and others) and manage service records.

Cell therapy applications. The Sepax C-Pro Cell Processing Instrument has been used to prepare CAR T cells, natural killer cells (NK cells), and other cell types. Sepax C-Pro can be part of a robust CAR T cell manufacturing workflow that is adaptable for cGMP compliance in production of clinically relevant doses. In a natural killer cell manufacturing workflow the Sepax C-Pro system was used with BeadWash C-Pro protocol software to functionally close and automate incubation with magnetic beads for CD3 depletion and CD56 selection. These steps were included in a workflow with xeno-free expansion that generated 1 × 109 primary human NK cells and can be adapted for GMP compliance.

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