Unified and scalable evaluation software for your Biacore™ SPR system, with the option to integrate into GxP-regulated workflows

Streamlined, easy-to-use platform

Evaluate and quickly visualize your kinetic and affinity data for reports and presentations.

Flexible analysis platform

Add application-specific software extensions that grow with your project needs.

Intelligent SPR data interpretation

Supervised machine learning that eliminates the analysis bottleneck.

Floating e-licenses

Your entire team can access software modules, while minimizing costs.

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Product Product Name Price
29310602 Biacore™ Insight Software, permanent, 1-pack Permanent, single license 1 186.00 USD Add to cart


29310603 Biacore™ Insight Software, permanent, 5-pack Permanent, 5 licenses 4 144.00 USD Add to cart


29310608 Biacore™ Insight Software, 1-year, 10-pack Expiring (1 yr), 10 licenses 1 775.00 USD Add to cart


29310605 Biacore™ Insight Software, permanent, 20-pack Permanent, 20 licenses 11 900.00 USD Add to cart


29310609 Biacore™ Insight Software, 1-year, 20-pack Expiring (1 yr), 20 licenses 2 960.00 USD Add to cart


29310606 Biacore™ Insight Software, 1-year, 1-pack Expiring (1 yr), single license 297.00 USD Add to cart


29310604 Biacore™ Insight Software, permanent, 10-pack Permanent, 10 licenses 7 103.00 USD Add to cart


29310607 Biacore™ Insight Software, 1-year, 5-pack Expiring (1 yr), 5 licenses 1 036.00 USD Add to cart


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