Whatman™ filtration product guide
March 31, 2021

Download our filtration product guide to learn about the Whatman product offerings. Search by product, industry and application to get the information you need.

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Knowledge Article
A Guide to Types of Whatman Filter Paper Grades
March 25, 2019

In this article we explore properties and uses of common qualitative filter paper grades such as 1-6, 595, 598 and 602.

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Knowledge Article
Considerations for membrane selection for lateral flow immunoassays
March 25, 2019

What are the basic features to consider when selecting a membrane for your lateral flow immunoassays?

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Whatman Filter Selector
January 02, 2019

Having trouble deciding which filter you need for your application? Try out our Filter Selector app to see which is the best fit.

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Whatman™ filtration solutions: Environmental testing through the years

Cytiva's Whatman filtration solutions for environmental testing allow for more efficient and effective sample preparation enabling researchers to ensure the quality of water, air and soil around the globe.

Thursday, December 13, 2018 | 1:15

Whatman™ filtration solutions: Environmental testing through the years 1:15
Whatman™ filtration solutions: The power of global supply 1:39
HPLC sample prep (conventional) vs. Mini-UniPrep™: What's the difference? 2:19
Syringe filters vs. Autiovial™ syringeless filters: What's the difference? 2:20
Whatman™ filtration solutions: 250 years of innovation 1:13
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